Case Studies

Rampion | Acoustic Enclosure




ABB encountered a residential noise complaint. The Substation was already built and commissioned so no changes were available for their design. dBA were called in and we had to fit around two SGT units.


A very complex enclosure was required, the turrets were situated that beams could not go across so a mid beam had to be installed. The catch is the mid beam had a tolerance of circa 10mm to fit in. We also had a monstrous amount of cabling coming through one of the walls. Due to higher level ventilation requirements a forced air solution was needed in order to keep air flow at a reasonable rate.


A “goalpost” was created with angular members shooting off to allow the structure to work around a busy roof. Our expert fitters plated around the cable intrusion and we designed and installed a very effective forced air movement system. One of the largest enclosures dBA has even done. With the tightest crane lift ever witnessed. (of course nothing was hit either).