dBA Sponsors a First Class Graduate!

dBA Sponsors a First Class Graduate!

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Our Durham Graduate


dB Attenuation has been sponsoring the Durham University Business student since she left the Colchester Royal Grammar School three years ago. Elizabeth Blacklock has just completed three years at Durham University studying Business Management, with extra Economic modules on the side, whilst part time managing the online presence of dB Attenuation Ltd. With all of her extra responsibilities and involvements with the university, Beth has left university as a Durham University graduate with a first-class degree!


There is so much that I have learnt from studying at Durham University which has helped me over the years with my marketing and online profiling of dB Attenuation. Business has been such a fantastic thing to study as the technology and Big Data age starts to prosper, it just shows how alive the business world is. I really look forward to putting knowledge from my degree – with modules such as corporate responsibility, international economics, integrated marketing communications and technological innovation – into the business, and really see the differences that marketing and innovation can make for efficiency, knowledge and customer satisfaction. This is such a brilliant company to be a part of, and I can’t wait to put my degree to use and make sure that it is truly reflected, both to the customers and the public.

I thank dB Attenuation so much for allowing me to study this degree and increase my knowledge to get a step ahead, and I am excited to bring that back to the company to show how thankful I am and prove to them that they had made a worthwhile investment in my education.

-Beth Blacklock


Whilst studying her degree, Beth had a few part time responsibilities. These include working part time with KPMG as a graduate hunter and working at the Durham Ginstitute, as well as captaining the Durham University Women’s Rugby 1st XV. Not only did she achieve a first-class degree, but she completed this whilst also working to be the most successful Durham University captain, with an unbeaten season and first ever attendance at the National Finals, within its 36 years of existence. This successful year was only improved when she represented England A’s against USA in November.

“The ability to have these life opportunities and experiences are fully thanks to dB Attenuation. With their sponsorship, I have been able to go to a brilliant collegiate university, where the environment of my learning and character building was unique and irreplaceable. It has allowed me to gain experience within the business world as well and gain a knowledge of how different business industries work. Not only specific experience within business was provided, because the outside life at such a prestigious establishment and talented student body has also allowed me to gain a passion for something within a team and as an individual. This again is something which cannot be mirrored outside of this environment, and the leadership skills I have gained will be something I can take throughout my career. It has aided in my knowledge of how to integrate myself at marketing days, how to interact with customers, and also be able to speak to people in a manor which really allows me to understand the problem at hand. At dB Attenuation, we find solutions and solve problems. This is something I have been able to resonate Durham University in my personality, day to day life and then put into practice with work experience. This is something that I am immensely proud to say dB Attenuation practices day to day, but also has taught me to bring into one my own values.

I look forward to using my experience with teams and individuals in my future work with dBA. ” 

– Beth Blacklock


dBA is very proud to say that they sponsor Beth Blacklock with her degree and look forward to having her complete more work with them in the future, simultaneously with the other endeavours we are excited to see her follow.


*Beth Standing first in the line with the team she captains at the National Cup Finals, Twickenham Stadium 


First step post undergraduate, MSc in Defence, Development and Diplomacy. A true testament to her character is that she will be completing this on a fully paid scholarship form Durham University, whilst she again has been asked to stay on as Captain. After receiving a Full Palatinate award and a Lifetime Team Durham Membership for her international honours and commitment to the club, Beth was recognised as one of the driving cogs in the successes of Durham’s rugby this season. This was for captaining the side to both, being the only ever DUWRFC side to ever finish the league unbeaten, and to captaining to their first ever final at Twickenham.


*Beth talking a conversion kick for the Durham side she captains


It is clear that we have chosen a fantastic person to sponsor and we are proud to support Beth through her education and watch how she represents the attitudes and ethos of this company at her University. We also look forward to seeing what Beth achieves, and what she can bring to the company. 

Follow this news trail in the future to see how our sponsored student goes forward as well as seeing the changes she will bring to the company and our marketing face. If you wish to see anymore, search for Elizabeth Blacklock on LinkedIn


We are excited to see the future!