Our Site Manager. 10 years!!!

Congratulations Darren! What a ten years…

February 16th, 2021
by Sam Perkins

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Congratulations! What a ten years…

Darren joined us just as we decided to bring our installation team in house. A big year in 2011 with some big projects. The Kemsley Quadboosters are still the largest single enclosures that dBA has designed and built in the UK for National Grid. Since then we have all gone from strength to strength. Growing with the company as our products developed, Darren has travelled the length and breadth of the UK installing dBA enclosures – for all the usual suspects!! He even had a summer in Alberta, installing our three acoustic enclosures (with roof snow melting systems!) at the Heathfield HVDC Interconnector substation just outside Edmonton for Siemens Canada (see below). Darren’s personal journey within dBA saw him take the role of Site Manager at the Western Link Flintshire HVDC substation – a position that he took on permanently following the completion of the project in 2016. Darren continues to provide a lead for our site teams and has become a recognisable ‘Face of dBA’!.

Thank you Darren and here’s to the next ten years!