IET Membership Progression

Two new IET memberships the team!

May 20th, 2022
by Gwilym Phillips

Agustin & trevor
dBA are pleased to announce that we have two new members of the IET in our midst, in the form of our designers Agustin and Trevor!
Since we became enterprise partners with the IET in September 2021, we have been aiming for all of our engineering, design, and consultancy staff to become members, and progress along their professional pathway.
With this the two of them can now enjoy the perks that come with the full IET membership. Including, but not limited to, the networking and professional development programmes that are offered by the IET.
dBA certainly hope that more of the team can become full members, and make the most of these perks stemming from our partnership with the IET to further their professional pathways.