Dba promat durasteel® 7

Fire Protection  

dBA have worked closely with Promat for structural fire protection of our acoustic enclosures and screens – structural frame cladding and encasement to provide 2-4hr fire stability protection.

In January 2019 dBA embarked on our first Promat DURASTEEL®  project – an RE240 fire acoustic enclosure walls and roof for a 275/33kV transformer. Since then we have successfully engineered, manufactured and commissioned three Promat DURASTEEL® projects.

Much of the structural design principles and manufacturing strategies of acoustic and fire separation solutions are well matched and as a preferred contractor for the energy industry we feel best placed to support these projects. Safe methods of working, training and health and safety on site are key to all dBA projects and it is easily transferred in this discipline.

Therefore, we are very excited to announce that from January 4th 2021, dBA is a registered licensee of Promat DURASTEEL®.

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