Sponsored Student finishes Year Working in Canada

Sponsored Student finishes Year Working in Canada

July 15, 2019 New Website 0

Sponsored Loughborough Mechanical Engineer

Young Loughborough student, Catherine Blacklock, has been sponsored by dB Attenuation as she completes her undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering.

During her third year, Catherine has been working for a year in industry at H.H. Angus & Associates in Toronto. H.H. Angus and Associates specialise in providing HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems for healthcare facilities and hospitals, whilst also providing electrical engineering consultation.

*Catherine next to the CN Tower in Toronto

“Working for one of Canada’s top 50 managed engineering companies has shown me what aids we can have when it comes to working on projects. Working for a consultancy firm itself has given me depth in knowledge and experience in design work itself, as well as working with clientele.

– Catherine Blacklock

Working within the company, Catherine has been in the position as a mechanical engineer student on placement, part of the social, sustainability and dynamo committee and one of the Revit super users of the healthcare division.

Working within this prestigious company I have gained experience in working with programmes that can help alter current workflows and advance the efficiency of manufacturing. For instance, gaining knowledge in visual coding with the use of dynamo within the 3D modelling programme Revit, enables the discovery of new ways to improve and dramatically increase the speed of standard procedures in modelling project design work. This has been used throughout HHA since I developed it, and it can be adapted for the workflow of dBA.”

– Catherine Blacklock


Upon specialising within the ventilation Catherine has been working with the company to figure out a more efficient technique with Revit calculations in aid of decreasing the time lag of measurements being received and the solution being made.

“Upon working at HHA I have joined several committees. I am on the social committee as well as the sustainability committee, dynamo committee, Revit Super Users and the spreadsheet calculation team. I have been promoted to several different knowledge advancing committees where I have been able to apply all of my gained knowledge and experience to current procedures at the company alongside some of the most experienced engineers in the company. 

I have been helping with the advancement of bringing sustainable solutions to projects in the hope of expanding the sustainable committee into its own division, meeting the growing demand around the world for environmental and sustainable systems.

Upon working within this company, I have been tying together the programmable experience of the technical division at HHA with dBA’s CFD modelling. Applying the two together can bring in knowledge about the future of the CFD modelling and how you can understand and present to clients the effect of noise enclosures installed by dBA on the performance of transformers. This will allow a greater insight into the design work and therefore, boost confidence from the clientele. 

– Catherine Blacklock

During her year abroad, Catherine went to Guatemala to volunteer for a local charity. Representing dBA, Catherine taught English to students in Antigua and went to visit indigenous communities  with scholarship students to aid in their learning and development.

*Catherine at the top of Acatenango in Guatemala

Spending two years prior to this placement at Loughborough University as the Wolfson School vice chair, standing chair and an avid member of the Loughborough Space Society, I have gained so much  knowledge in the area of mechanical engineering and the rate at which technology within this area is expanding. Gaining this knowledge and then travelling half way across the world to put this into specialised practice has should me the future of engineering.

– Catherine Blacklock

We have loved following and supporting Catherine throughout her degree and her work placement abroad. We look forward to when she brings this knowledge back into her work here.